Hello, my name is Ter’Shawn Wharton. I am the owner and CEO of Turk Trucking LLC. I was born and raised in St.Louis, MO. I branched off and moved to Kansas City for a better opportunity in 2020 and have been in Kansas City since. I am a professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs starting 2020. Even though I have a great love for football.

I always wanted to branch off into entrepreneurship and the perfect opportunity came for me to start my very own trucking company. My professional goal is to have a successful company so I can continue to have a positive impact on the trucking business, all the while helping better the community by providing quality shipping services so everyone get what they need. Overall, I want to build a reliable team that has a passion for trucking to complete the mission of the company, so making sure that Turk Trucking LLC is at its best for workers and customers is the overall objective. Fun fact about me: I am a Super Bowl LVII champion.